How can IntoFood help you?


IntoFood technology allows you to measure your food sustainability, identify the opportunities to become more sustainable, sell more sustainable menus, and reduce your food costs.

IntoFood provide solutions for :
– Sustainable Menus & Sales
– Sustainable Procurement

IntoFood is now available as a software integration, so you can have carbon footprint measurements and sustainability benchmarking built into your existing business management tools. No need for manual data entry, no annoying spreadsheets, just business intelligence. Simple API integration; sustainability at your finger tips.

If you do not have the capacity to integrate your existing tools with IntoFood, they can work as a consultant on your behalf. All you need to do is send your procurement and menu information to IntoFood, and they will provide you with a full report, and help you take the most business-smart steps towards being part of a sustainable future.

IntoFood also provide training in sustainable menu planning and sustainability communication, so that you can delight your customers and sell more sustainable food.

Good for the planet, good for your business.