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Case studies

ISS Catering

Full climate change analysis, cost-effective sustainable menu development and communication strategies.

IntoLife provides the climate change impact analysis and communication strategy for ISS Catering’s Norwegian canteen services.  This enables ISS to combine reduced carbon footprint with a focus on sustainable, nutritious and high quality food.  The goal has been to develop more sustainable menus that suit ISS’s business model, and to communicate their good work with guests and customers.  We are now looking at food waste – the other great sustainability challenge in food service.

Nordic Choice Hotels

Carbon and cost analysis of new lunch concept.

Nordic Choice Hotels are genuine sustainability leaders in the nordic region, and we have analysed all new menus included in lunch concepts.  This has provided them with accurate results for climate change calculations, cost analysis, and scenarios for different menus and combinations.


Carbon and cost analysis of new menus and planned implementation of green service offer.

With SiO, we have begun the process of automating their carbon footprint measurements of all menus, purchasing and sales of food across their canteens.  The first phase has been to provide carbon and cost analysis for new menus and recipes to be piloted as part of their pioneering of green food service “Your Food”.  The goal is to provide consistent quality service that is healthy, tasty and with proven benefits for the environment, across all service points.

NSB, Norway

Menu analysis and sustainability reporting capability.

Norway’s national train operator is NSB and their goal is to be the greenest in the world.  IntoLife helped them get it right with their catering, by measuring and analysing their menus and food sales to give their customers food choices that taste great and respect the planet. 

Elvebredden Catering, Oslo

Profitable climate change savings in just 2 months.

Our solution allowed Elvebredden Catering to develop menus that have lower impacts on the environment.  This focused on creating new products that were both tasty, sustainable, good for business, and communicating this with their customers.  They are now the first to integrate their menu planning with IntoFood, meaning all menus have climate change calculations, and customers can make sustainable choices from their webshop.

Mucho Mas, Oslo

New menu dishes = big sustainability gains & business benefits.

IntoLife’s project with Mucho Mas involved calculation of the environmental impact of food purchasing and specific menu items.  We were able to identify where great choices already existed, and in addition find new ways to create climate-friendly options for their customers that were also good for their business.

Cafe Sør, Oslo

Using IntoFood technology to manage their menus.

Cafe Sør have used the IntoFood software to manage their menus, and plan their customer communication strategy.  In 6 months, they have doubled the amount of sustainably produced food they purchase.

Funky Fresh Foods, Oslo 

Profiling Oslo’s greenest restaurant.

Funky Fresh Foods are a vegan-based restaurant, with up to 50% organic produce, so they are very sustainable.  IntoLife has helped them by showing exactly how sustainable they are, and helping them to market their concept to a wide audience.  And their food tastes fantastic, by the way.


The sustainability metrics IntoLife use within IntoFood are produced in collaboration with environmental research group Østfoldforskning.  This provides assurance that what IntoLife measure, how they help you develop, and how you communicate your sustainability is backed up by real data, real research, and no “greenwash”.

IntoLife works in partnership with Framtiden, combining IntoLife’s industry experience and measurement solution with Framtiden’s experience in green issues and consumer awareness and behaviour.  

IntoLife has received funding support from Innovasjon Norge to further develop climate-smart and green solutions for the food industry.